Rosvaldas Kunickas

JSC Danspin produces yarn which is successfully exported to carpet manufacturers in Britain, the U.S., and China. The yarn, teaselled and spinned in Lithuania, is used to weave carpets for homes, offices, hotels, cruise ships, airplanes, and so on. ProBaltic Consulting has assisted in development of an investment project and, thus, to successfully attract EUR 11 million of foreign investment in the company's production and human resource development in Lithuania. Consultants of ProBaltic Consulting have provided professional help in all phases of the project, starting from idea generation to implementation.

Rosvaldas Kunickas/ UAB "Danspin"
Edgaras Leichteris

Partnership with ProBaltic experts lasting for over ten years in pursuance of improvement in innovative environment of Lithuania allowed to formulate a number of documents and insights which are necessary to develop the Lithuanian innovation system and currently being implemented. Thanks to their perfect understanding of the area of innovations, proficiency, high level of interest in the breakthrough of Lithuania as a state, by invoking the latest knowledge and technology, the experts have efficiently contributed to the Knowledge Economy Forumsuinteresuotumo Lietuvos, kaip šalies, proveržiu pasitelkiant naujausias žinias ir technologijas, lygis, užtikrino kokybišką ekspertų įsitraukimą į Žinių ekonomikos forumo veiklą.“

Edgaras Leichteris/ Žinių ekonomikos forumas

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Foreign investors are invited to apply for EU support for new products, technology, process development under SMARTINVESTLT+ program

EU support will be allocated to foreign investors, carrying out R&D activities, creating or expanding infrastructure of the company in this field, implementing innovations.

More possibilities for access to finance have projects, which during their implementation and three years after the completion are planning to attract more private investment in R&D and innovation in the smart specialization areas. 

Max. amount of support - EUR 6 500 000

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A call for proposals regarding EU support for business processes optimisation

Supported activities - creation of non-technological innovation and (or) implementation in production processes and (or) services through adoption of the product  process or service standards, while supporting introduction of innovative management methods and management systems .

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