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Most companies, organizations or institutions are exponentially challenged in terms of their efficiencies and abilities to better serve the needs of their customers. Innovation becomes a major way for achievement of competitive advantage. Therefore, new ideas, disruptive innovations, new business models, while employing existing internal and external sources of knowledge are highly sought to ensure changes in market place and within the businesses or public sector. 

To achieve lasting business impact for our Clients, we facilitate the process through idea generation to full realization of innovation projects leading to transformations at company, sector or country level. We help companies, organizations and institutions to achieve change through knowledge identification, acquisition, development, distribution, use, and preservation, while applying innovative methodologies and appropriate technologies. To this end, we work with a number of local and international technology and knowledge transfer centres towards better positioning of our Clients in different markets or areas. ProBaltic also partners with companies offering IT services covering different stages and approaches related to smooth knowledge management, including Big Data.

To achieve growth objectives either at company, sector or country level each company, organization or institution needs to make a number of decisions aimed at reinventing their models of operation, while considering different trends and availability of a variety of disruptive technologies. To this effect, we offer innovation-consulting services covering different phases:  

Our services include:
  • Market research and needs analysis;
  • Workshops aimed at idea generation, roadmapping;
  • Technology landscape analysis;
  • Identification of technology providers;
  • Technical product or service feasibility studies;
  • Strategic project or program development;
  • Partnership development with technology or required knowledge providers, while easing financial investment burden through access to external finance.

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Preparation of Šilutė district small and medium business development programme for 2008-2010

By order of Šilutė District Municipality, UAB ProBaltic Consulting has developed Silute district small and medium business development programme for 2008-2010. To this effect, it has conducted the district’s economic environment, demographic and labour market situation analysis and, based on findings of this analysis, proposed recommendations for development of small and medium size businesses in Šilutė district.


Feasibility study on MEMS fab (clean room) Development

Panevezys Center of Mechatronics contracted ProBaltic Consulting as contractor and VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH from Germany as a subcontractor to assess the „Mems Fab“ (CleanRoom), the existing facilities, and various scenarios for their further development reflecting market needs.