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Foreign investors are invited to apply for EU support for new products, technology, process development under SMARTINVESTLT+ program

EU support will be allocated to foreign investors, carrying out R&D activities, creating or expanding infrastructure of the company in this field, implementing innovations.

More possibilities for access to finance have projects, which during their implementation and three years after the completion are planning to attract more private investment in R&D and innovation in the smart specialization areas. 

Max. amount of support - EUR 6 500 000

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A call for proposals regarding EU support for business processes optimisation

Supported activities - creation of non-technological innovation and (or) implementation in production processes and (or) services through adoption of the product  process or service standards, while supporting introduction of innovative management methods and management systems .

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Foreign investors are invited to apply for EU support for staff training under Human Resources INVEST LT + program

Supported activities include – investors’, who invest in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania into production and (or) services, staff training and professional development, which aim at providing necessary expertise, specialized professional knowledge and skills, including on the job training organization.

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Šiaulių Bankas AB has opted for UAB ProBaltic Consulting as a partner for providing advice on financing by the EU Structural Funds

Šiaulių Bankas AB has selected UAB ProBaltic Consulting to be a reliable partner assisting businesses in taking advantage of European Union structural funds and providing advice and documentation services as the need arises to get a bank loan.

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