Foreign investors are invited to apply for EU support for new products, technology, process development under SMARTINVESTLT+ program


To attract high-quality foreign investment in R&D in Lithuania in smart specialization related areas.

EU support will be allocated to foreign investors, carrying out R&D activities, creating or expanding infrastructure of the company in this field, implementing innovations.

More possibilities for access to finance have projects, which during their implementation and three years after the completion are planning to attract more private investment in R&D and innovation in the smart specialization areas.


Eligible applicants:

- Private legal entity set up by the foreign investor (Parent company) in the Republic of Lithuania, where foreign investor has a decisive influence;

- Foreign investor (company).


Eligible partners:

private legal entities, scientific and educational institutions


Supported activities include:

-   direct foreign investment in R&D activities;

- direct foreign investment, which creates new or expand an existing enterprise R&D infrastructure;

- direct foreign investment in activities related to the implemention of process and organizational innovations;


Eligible costs:

  • Costs associated to R&D activities;
  • Costs associated with the acquisition of R&D infrastructure;
  • Project staff costs;
  • Costs of tools, equipment, buildings and land, taking into account the scale and the period in which they are used in the project;
  • Costs of contractually ongoing research, knowledge and patents, bought or licensed from outside sources under normal market conditions;
  • Additional overheads and other operating expenses, including costs of materials, supplies and similar products which are directly generated by the project.


Max. amount of support - EUR 6 500 000, Min. amount of support – EUR 50 000.

Financed part of the project: from 25 % to 80 % depending on the size of the company and partners.

Applications shall be submitted by April 11, 2016.



For further information, please contact Probaltic Consulting, Ph +370 68255835, e-mail