Foreign investors are invited to apply for EU support for staff training under Human Resources INVEST LT + program

European Social Fund Agency launched a call for proposals under the "Human Resources INVEST LT +” program. Applications shall be submitted by January 8, 2016.

Supported activities include – investors’, who invest in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania into production and (or) services, staff training and professional development, which aim at providing necessary expertise, specialized professional knowledge and skills, including on the job training organization.

The Applicant shall have already invested or plan to invest at least EUR 1,448 m, or, alternatively, have already created or plan to create at least 20 job places by 36th month after the project is over, to be eligible to apply for the support.

Max. amount of support - EUR 500 000, 50 % of the total eligible direct and indirect project costs. The financed part could be increased under the following conditions.

Company category

Financed part

Financed part (for disabled persons)


Up to 70%

Up to 70%


Up to 60%

Up to 70%


Up to 50%

Up to 60%


Eligible direct costs:

  • Project staff costs - internal trainers salaries (training);
  • Local travel costs of trainers related to training activities; 
  • Local and international travel costs of employees related to training activities; 
  • Costs directly associated with the project materials' and supplies' (current assets) purchase or rent; 
  • Depreciation costs of tools and equipment exclusively used for the training;  
  • Training related accommodation costs of disabled employees;
  • Training related consulting services (Training organization and implementation costs);
  • Costs of trainee salaries incurred during training based on estimated working time hours. 

Indirect costs stemming from direct training activities (project administration costs).

Training of general nature like team building activities, the organization's culture related training, training related to development of personal effectiveness (eg. conflict resolution, stress management, communication, motivation, time planning, emotional intelligence, leadership, positive thinking, creativity, capacity-building and so on.) and mandatory trainings are not financed by the scheme.

Priority is given to applicants who:

  • Plan new Greenfield investments. Investment project is considered as a new Greenfield investment project, when the investor, who before submission of the application has not invested in Lithuania, and when an investment involves construction of a new building and installation of equipment in an open field.
  • Have not received support for training during the 2007-2013 programming period.

For further information, please contact Probaltic Consulting, Ph +370 67947188, e-mail .